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Young People's Section

Information, Advice and Support You Can Get

What should happen?

Are you aged 25 or under? Are you disabled or do you have special educational needs?

Special educational needs are when you need extra support to learn things. The law says that you can get information, advice and support. 

You can come to us if you want some help with getting the right kind of:

  • Support at school, college or training  
  • Health service
  • Care and support

Most people who are 16 years old or more and have finished Year 11 can make their own decisions about their school or support. If you would like a parent or carer to help then that is OK. It is up to you. If you are under 16 years old, then we will need to talk to your parents or carers before we make any decisions.

Our service is impartial. This means:

  • We will not tell you what to do.
  • We will not take sides.
  • We will give you the information and support you need to make your own choices.

Our service is confidential. That means our meetings will be private. We will only tell people what we talk about if you say it is ok. We also need to tell someone if we think you are in danger of being hurt.

If you are not happy with our support then please tell us how we can make it better!

Hartlepool SENDIASS can help!

Telephone: 01429-284876 (Available Monday to Thursday from 9am – 5pm and

Friday 9am-4.30pm. If not available, then please leave us a message on our 24hr voicemail system).

Email: [email protected]

Face-to-face: You can arrange to come to our office or arrange to meet with us in your school / education provision.